Your First Visit

This should be coordinated through Rowina Evans (Evans Medical Secretary Services) on 07497425380.

If you are using private medical insurance to cover your expenses it is important that you inform the company of your intentions – for both consultations and procedures – and obtain their authorisation. The amount reimbursed does vary between companies and individual policies and it is therefore important to gain authorisation to ensure that you are not left with any outstanding amounts to pay.

Please forward any referral letters that you may have from your GP or physiotherapist. If you have had any previous interventions or opinions regarding your knee it is often helpful if these details could also be brought along to your appointment.

If you have had any recent (last 2 years) imaging of the involved knee – x-ray / CT scan / MRI scan – then please bring the disc with you together with any reports that you may have. If your x-rays are old or if you have not had a ‘weight bearing’ x-ray (even if you have already had an MRI scan) then this will need to be taken / repeated when you come for your appointment.

In order for an adequate examination of the knee it will be necessary for the leg to be exposed up to the mid-thigh and it is therefore recommended that you wear appropriate clothing or bring a pair of shorts with you